You can buy defibrillators through Novair Education. We are distributors to Laerdal and sell all their models:

The most common model, often found in public buildings, is HS1 and costs 15 324 
SEK excluding VAT

If you need a model that is more durable in harsh conditions such as moisture and bumps, we recommend FRx which costs 17 374 SEK - excl VAT

We also have models that has a display with text showing the talking instructions or with a display that shows an ECG curve, they cost 22 038 SEK excluding VAT and 30 238 SEK excluding VAT

All models are very easy and safe to handle!

When we deliver your ordered defibrillator, we can also train you in CPR and how to manage a defibrillator. The training takes about 1hr. We can also provide suitable classrooms if you have difficulties arranging it.

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