About Novair Education

Welcome to Novair Education!

Novair Education is Novair’s own training department. We offer advanced courses in CRM (Crew Resource Management), first aid, crisis management, realistic survival training, and much more. We can also put together courses and programmes according to your preferences. Our training has previously only been available to the airline and travel industry, but is now available to companies, associations and individuals.

We possess the skills required by the industry and receive requests from various groups ranging from bankers, restaurants and the occasional day care. By sharing our expertise externally, we develop ourselves and enhance our programmes and it also gives us a tremendous broad foundation to stand on.

The ambition behind Novair Education’s courses is to surprise and be innovative. We let the world inspire us and we often invite external partners who are not directly linked to the airline industry to share their experiences and knowledge.

A few examples of training as close to reality as possible are: self-defence training with the police, hijack awareness with the squad team and sea survival know-how with Swedavia AB rescue services. We also cooperate with organisations to increase understanding of the needs and requirements of people with disabilities.

This website outlines the main courses we can offer.
We hope you will find it valuable reading.

Once again welcome to Novair Education!

Tailor-made courses

If you have other requirements or can not find the exact course that you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Coordinator for further questions. Our instructors are flexible and experienced in building courses according to your needs.

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