Realistic Survival Training

In cooperation with QinetiQ, the Swedish Armed Forces and Swedavia AB Rescue Services at Stockolm Arlanda Airport. A training course for airline instructors and flight crews.
Day 1 – We start off with theoretical and practical training in cooperation with QinetiQ and the Swedish Armed Forces. Before entering the training pool the student will receive all theoretical knowledge needed. In the pool we focus on survival in cold water, boarding life rafts and how to act when the rescue helicopter arrives. During the pool training it is possible to generate rough weather with high waves, strong winds, heavy rain and complete darkness to get the training as realistic as possible.

> Day 2 – Novair Instructors will teach the theoretical parts of the sea survival that the students need for the practical training at sea. We transport the students to the sea where they get to put into practice all the theoretical parts of the course. Together with
Swedavia AB Rescue Services at Stockholm Arlanda Airport we practice how to survive in cold water, use of life rafts, use of survival kits and, weather permitting,
a couple of people may be rescued by the rescue helicopter. A debriefing is performed at the end of day 2 together with all involved parties. 

Course information

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Location: Linköping and Arlanda
  • Survival and rescue training in a pool
  • Theory and practical training
  • Survival and Rescue training at Sea
  • For airline instructors and flight crews