Hypoxia & Sea Survival Training


Hypoxia training and Sea Survival Training in cooperation with QinetiQ .

The course consists of two parts.

Hypoxia Training
The first part is focused on understanding Hypoxia. Participants will be given theoretical training by instructors and  practical training
takes place in a hypobaric chamber. The chamber can simulate gradual loss of cabin pressure in all types of commercial aircraft.

Sea Survival Training
The second part of the course relates to sea survival and participants will receive all theoretical knowledge required before entering the pool for the practical training.
In the pool we focus on survival in cold water, boarding life rafts and how to act when the rescue helicopter arrives. It is also possible during the pool training to simulate rough weather with high waves, strong winds, heavy rain and complete darkness to create realistic scenarios.

Note! Sea survival and hypoxia training can be taken as separate courses. Novair Education makes the arrangements for all accomodation and transportation.

Course information

  • Duration: 1 day excluding transportation
  • Location: Linköping
  • For flight crew and instructors
  • Theory and practical training
  • Pool information: Water temperature: 4-40*C (40-104F), Wave height: 0,5m (2ft), Wind Speed: 0-14m/s (0-27 knots), Winch capacity: 250 kg